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Date added: 2018-02-09 Views: 513 Rating:
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Description : Stefani Special is a heart breaker, secretly moving out of her now ex-boyfriend's place. But what can a horny lithe brunette, who loves to fuck, do when Sebastian catches her. Stefani decides goodbye sex is called for and cannot wait to fuck Sebastian Keyes. She eagerly sticks her tongue in his mouth as their desire takes over. They take turns sucking each other's hard dicks, moaning their appreciation. Sebastian slides his big cock into Stefani's ass, Stefani is left moaning in pleasure. They fuck in several positions, until they are covered in cum and very satisfied.
Date added: 2017-10-03 Views: 1408 Rating:
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Description : Brunette, willowy TS hottie Stefani Special cannot wait to get Kai Bailey's humongous cock into her shapely, eager mouth. She dives head first into his lap, like a woman with an unquenchable desire. Stefani welcomes Kai's huge rod, and takes it down her throat as though her life depended on it. Kai moans his approval. He is quick to push Stefani back and suck her dick as well. Kai blows Stefani and her cock throbs as she begs Kai to shove his fuck rod into her horny asshole. Kai fucks Stefani hard until they both cum and then glow in the aftermath of orgasms.
Date added: 2017-06-17 Views: 1837 Rating:
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Description : Masseuse Stefani Special shows up to D.Arclyte's house 20 minute late he is enraged he is overworked and in pain! He blows ups at Stefani for her lateness. But then feels bad for being an asshole! They decide to make each other feel better by having a wild fucking session. They're horiner than ever and want to suck and fuck each other badly! They suck each other's hard cocks and fuck each other into a state of complete ecstasy. Make up sex is better than any massage!
Date added: 2016-08-24 Views: 4167 Rating:
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Description : Bicurious TS beauty Aspen Brooks wants to be fucked by another TS girl, and Stefani Special is hung enough to get the job done. Watch these two TS hotties suck on each other's dicks and fuck each other's booties! Bursting with explosive, cum soaked orgasms. TS girly action is exactly what Aspen Brookes needed in her life!

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